Nicki Minaj Is Back With 'Chun-Li' and 'Barbie Tingz'

How’s your #NickiDay going?

Attention, Barbz! Nicki Minaj is back with Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz – and they’re both so good that it really makes you wonder how you’ve been surviving all these months that she hasn’t been releasing new solo stuff. What even has life been without her?

The first one, Chun-Li, is an homage to the Street Fighter character, and contains at least a few lines that you may or may not interpret as a dig at Cardi B. See below:

How many of them coulda did it with finesse?
Now everybody like she really is the best
You play checkers couldn’t beat me playin’ chess
Now I’m about to turn around and beat my chest

Get it? Finesse? Like the remix Cardi B did with Bruno Mars? Cardi and Nicki just worked together on the Migos song MotorSport, though, so it’s possible that this is an unrelated use of the word ‘finesse’.

Anyway, the other new song is called Barbie Tingz, and it includes plenty of Nicki’s signature boasts and a moment where she turns the line ‘I’m a bad bitch’ into a twisted nursery rhyme.

Until recently, Nicki had been radio silent on both Twitter and Instagram, leading many to believe that she’d been holed up working on new music. Though she’s been super active as a featured artists on plenty of other people’s songs, Nicki hasn’t released a solo album since 2014’s The Pinkprint. If there’s any good in the world, these two new songs mean that more are coming, so keep your eyes on her Twitter feed — especially today, because she says she’s got a third new song coming very soon.

UPDATE 4/12, 2:57 p.m.: Nicki talked a little bit about Cardi during an appearance on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe on Thursday, and admitted that she did feel hurt by Cardi after MotorSport. She said the reason that she didn’t appear in the MotorSport video was because of a scheduling conflict with her hairdresser, who Cardi also uses, but added that no one bothered to clear the air about that. ‘You still did interviews and y’all all still jumped around that just to paint Nicki as the bad person, so that you could play the victim,’ Nicki says, sounding as if she’s tearing up a little bit. ‘That really really hurt me, because I really, fully supported her. And up until this recent interview that she did I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview.’

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