Minnie Dlamini opens up about how painful it has been grieving her brother


minnie dlamini brother

Minnie Dlamini‘s brother, Khosini Dlamni passed away about six months ago from a ruptured brain aneurysm, and it’s been tough for the TV personality, even though she has had plenty of work to distract her.

On Monday, Minnie tweeted about how during the lockdown has forced her to come to terms with Khosini’s death, ‘Having work to distract me was the biggest blessing but you can’t run away from your problems forever. This Lockdown has given me too much time to think especially about losing my brother…and I’m not coping. The pain is unbearable! I don’t know what to do, kubuhlungu.’

Minnie has opened up before about how she is trying to focus on the positive. She tweeted, ‘I’m trying to focus on the positive but I won’t lie I’m struggling.’

Many of her fans sent advice and words of encouragement to her as she goes through this tough time.

On a lighter note, she also posted a video on Instagram complaining about people trying to do forex trading in her Instagram comments:


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Pet peeve!!!! Forex people please stop testifying on my page 😤

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I mean, I don’t blame her.

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