Miley Cyrus Deletes Instagram Account Posts, Including All Pictures of Liam Hemsworth

Is a new era coming?!

Miley Cyrus deletes Instagram account posts and her fans are flipping out. If scrolling through Miley Cyrus’s Instagram was one of your favourite ways to kill time while bored at work, bad news: it’s gone, girl.

Miley inexplicably deleted her Instagram account – including every photo of her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth – and fans are flipping out. Here’s what her page currently looks like:


Meanwhile, Miley’s Twitter is up and running with the profile photos blacked-out, but her official website is completely down.

So, why did she delete her account? Unclear, but fans seem convinced that this is a viral marketing campaign like that of Taylor Swift, who deleted her account as a way to announce the Reputation era.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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