Okay but the confessions on Mihlali’s Instagram were wild AF

I mean sleeping with your mother’s pastor is one thing…

Mihlali Ndamase IG confessions

Youtuber Mihlali Ndamase is trending for something new this time. She provided space for people to confess their deepest, darkest secrets on her Instagram Story, and the confessions have folks shook. 

The beauty blogger encouraged her fans to share their confessions with her, and she then shared them on her Instagram Story with her own responses.

Her only rule was not to confess to murder, but what she did receive was countless tales of betrayal, cheating, and drama, enough to fill an episode of a telenovela.

Mihlali did reveal that some of the confessions came from burner accounts, and she refused to expose any of the confessors. Many claimed that she was making up the confessions, but let’s be real, where would she even find the time, and why?

She commented on the craziness of the confessions by saying, ‘Obviously some people were probably trolling, but those confessions aren’t far fetched, these things happen. Aniyazi iLife guys, we live in a twisted world.’

So what were these crazy confessions? Here are some of the hectic ones:

‘Mihlali IG’ was trending on Twitter after this, with many users discussing the contents of the confessions, and of course, others using them to shame women. Mihlali, spoke out agaianst this by saying, ‘Men using this confessions game as an opportunity to drag women for being “trash”, are the girlies cheating with themselves? I’m confused.’

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