Soz guys, Mihlali Ndamase is officially *off the market*

Let the speculation begin ??

Mihlali Ndamase bae

She of ‘breaking the internet fame’ Mihlali Ndamase just confirmed her relationship status, and there appears a special someone in her life.

One of South Africa’s biggest influencers, Mihlali has been on many people’s crush list but she has usually kept her relationship status on the DL. Last year, in an interview with TrendingSA, she spoke about the old men who frequent her DM’s, ‘old men that are perverts, but I mean that’s normal now for people…I don’t respond, I don’t even accept…you know when you first get an invite of ‘accept or decline’, I don’t even accept it…’

Her recent tweets had people suggesting that she might be in a relationship, such as this one:

She also appeared on the Yolz Channel recently where she discussed money, love and friendship. When Yolz enquired about her love life, Mihlali said, ‘There is someone’ and smiled to herself. I mean…

According to Mihlali, she met her bae in December 2018, and when he started hitting on her she would get annoyed but then things started working out. She said she’s happy, he’s a gentleman, is calm, he minds his own business and ‘treats me like an egg’.

Watch the full episode here: