Meghan Markle Won't Be Making a Guest Appearance in the Final Season of Suits

Would have been nice though.

Meghan Markle first announced that she wouldn’t be returning to star in the 9th and final season of her hit TV drama, Suits when her relationship with Prince Harry hit the media in 2017. But then there were these rumours that maybe-possibly-potentially a guest appearance was on the cards and fans of the show went wild.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle


But according to the show’s creator, Aaron Korsch the chances are “close to zero”. Although she played the role of the super-smart Rachel Zane for 7 seasons, Markle quit as things were getting serious between her and Prince Harry. And we can’t blame her. Can you imagine preparing to become an actual real live princess? Just learning all the titles of the royal family would be enough of a challenge.

Now, with a royal baby on the way and her own royal duties to perform, it seems like adding a shooting schedule to that might be a bit hectic? Not to mention the fact that the show is shot in Toronto. As in, TORONTO CANIDA. So ja, it feels like it might just be a bit much RN.

Cool. We’ll just be here, watching reruns.

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