A tattoo, his type and what other new info we learnt when we met the new Bachelor, Marc Buckner

What a man, what a man


The Bachelor SA season two is currently filming in Johannesburg. Before we become *totally* obsessed with our fave show again, we thought we would see what new info we could glean from Marc Buckner.

We got to meet the eligible bachelor at a press conference with M-Net, and while he kept some secrets to himself (for us to find out on the show), he did provide us with some more info. Here are some things you might not know, which will help you to get to know the man who South Africans will be falling in love with very soon.

1. He is originally from Durban, but he has lived in Cape Town for the past 20 years

Marc enjoys an outdoor life of off-roading, standup paddleboarding and, as he says, ‘Anything outdoors, really.’

2. His dog, Luna, will join him on the show

He talks about Luna with love. He refers to her affectionately as ‘Batdog’ and talks about how much he enjoys walking her. When asked who would look after her, he smiled coyly and said he has to keep some secrets.

M-Net later told TshisaLIVE that Luna will be joining him. ‘One of Marc’s biggest concerns, for example, was not seeing his beloved pooch Luna during filming, which we are facilitating as part of his stipend.’

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3. He has a tattoo of Africa

According to Marc, he got the tattoo while in Burma. We have to wait until the show to see where the tattoo is located…

4. His type is specific but also varied

When asked what his type was, he said he was interested in women who are driven and ambitious. He generally dated women who were also sporty and loved the outdoors, but he is going into the show with an open mind as to who he might meet. He did say that he is looking for someone who is mature and ready to settle down.

5. He is a Sagittarian 

Sagittarian men are known for being carefree, optimistic, blunt, active and adventurous. Other famous Sagittarians include Brad Pitt, Jay Z and Jake Gyllenhaal.

We can’t wait to finally be in the thick of the drama again, when The Bachelor SA returns on 13 February 2o2o.

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