Okay, but what’s cooking between Maps Maponyane and Nando’s?

The two were getting their flirt on.

maps maponyane nandos

We’ve been self-quarantining for over a month, and we’re so so tired of cooking (and the all the dishes) so naturally, we are craving some of our favourite takeouts. Me? I can’t wait for the day I can get my hands on KFC zinger wings, and it seems like Maps Maponyane is feeling like a little Nando’s.

He tweeted this weekend, ‘Nando’s would hit the spot right now.’ And never want to back off from a challenge, the fast-food brand replied with, ‘Your buns with our chicken. Sounds like a match made in heaven.’

I mean, that seems pretty steamy.

Maps Maponyane then responded to Nando’s with ‘Are you flirting with us? Because that sounds like a dream and we’re happy to play along.’ And peeps started responded to the dream collab including international star DJ, Black Coffee, who offered his services to play at their wedding.

Whether this flirtation will move from the Twitter streets to real life, only time will tell. But it seems as if Nando’s has put an idea in Map’ head. So perhaps we might see the chicken franchise and Buns Out (or Maps himself) working together in the future.

Maps announced last month that they are closing his restaurant Buns Out indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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