So, Mihlali Tagged Lewis Hamilton in One of Her Insta Posts and Twitter is Freaking Out



If you saw influencer and vlogger extraordinaire, Mihlali Ndamase trending on Twitter over the weekend, you might have thought that she posted another risque photo. And while that might have been the case the conversation was more about who was tagged in the pic rather than what was in the pic. Mihlali is living the dream in Singapore and took some time out to watch the Grand Prix. And ever so casually she decided to shoot her shot with super hot racing driver, Lewis Hamilton.


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I heard you’re doing you, you heard I’m doing better ?

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The beauty influencer then posted a picture of herself in the bath (which is a piece of art, tbh) to which she give the photocreds to Mr Lewis Hamilton himself.


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Views ?? ?: @lewishamilton

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Which had everyone going like ?

Mihlali feeds into the interest as well, by sharing a pic of Lewis (who didn’t win) on her Instagram Story with the caption, ‘You did the best you could babe. Super proud of you. A winner in my eye.’

Lewis, meanwhile, is just living his life, posting motivational posts on his Instagram:

Twitter had A LOT of opinions on this match:

And of course, a copycat:

I don’t know about you, but I ship it!

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