People think Kylie Jenner staged paparazzi pics after ~those~ quarantine photos dropped


kylie jenner paparazzi

So last week, a buncha pictures of Kylie Jenner in quarantine emerged in which she was (a) super dressed down in sweats and (b) entirely makeup-free. Kylie looked great per usual, but the internet kinda had a field day comparing her IRL pics to the photos she posts on Instagram.

Flash forward a couple of days and a new set of Kylie paparazzi pics has appeared online, only in these, she looks completely flawless and camera-ready. Basically, what we have here is an Instagram picture come to life:

And now, the internet is convinced that Kylie staged a photoshoot with paparazzi outside her house due to being unhappy about the previous images taken of her.

On top of that, people are calling out Kylie for posting a fleet of makeup-free pics on Instagram:

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I mean…chances are Kylie just wanted to post a cute pic to promote her skincare line? And honestly, she looks good in basically every picture taken of her—including those original pap pics—so moving on, world!

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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