Wait, Astrologically Are Kylie and Jordyn Ever Going to Be Friends Again?

Holding out for a reunion!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired the episode in the U.S. on Sunday denoting the KarJenner scandal that rocked the world and the gossip columns—the demise of Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship, due to the alleged cheating between Jordyn and Khloe’s boyfriend, Tristan.

As a longtime KUWTK fan, it was shocking and upsetting to see their friendship turn sour—especially because we all truly believed they would be lifelong BFFs. But, we can’t help but wonder and hope if they will reconcile? Luckily, we can take a peep at their astrology charts to see if and when they will make up.

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Kylie and Jordyn’s Charts

Kylie, whose birthday is August 10, 1997, was born at 5:25 PM in Los Angeles, California (according to the website astrotheme.com). She has a vivacious Leo Sun, a hard-working Capricorn ascendant, and an enigmatic Scorpio Moon. Her Leo Sun (vitality) and Scorpio Moon (sentimental side) make her extremely loyal to her crew, also uncompromising in her emotions. With a Capricorn ascendant, she’s apt to ‘do the right thing’ and treat others with respect and kindness.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Kylie’s astrology chart. Her Moon, which is the emotional ruler of the chart, lays in her 11th house, denoting a strong connection with her crew. We can also look a little closer at her intimate relationships by looking at her 7th house of innermost personal partnerships and open enemies. The 2019 eclipses are purging her inner circle. January 5th’s solar eclipse in Capricorn ended many relationships. The upcoming eclipses of the summer on July 2nd and July 16th will make her more willing to work on friendships she values but let go of those who aren’t at her level.

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to 2019 please …

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Her natal Venus is being triggered by transiting Jupiter and Neptune, creating an intense mutable T-Square (a T-Square is when three planets are activated). This is why the deception was unmasked. Illusive Neptune swooped in and tried to keep the facade alive, while honest Jupiter wanted the truth to be exposed.

Taking things one step further, Kylie was experiencing a Saturn square Saturn transit, which is a karmic release and lesson. However, transiting Neptune is on her South Node of Destiny, which means she is confused about how to move forward—but, this was supposed to be exposed. The break in their friendship was fated and Neptune made the situation public.


Let’s take a peep at Jordyn’s chart. While a birth time is not available online for Jordyn, we can dig around her chart for answers and information. Jordyn has a Libra Sun and a Gemini Moon, making her light and airy—also, extremely relationship oriented. She currently is experiencing a big Jupiter and Neptune transit to her Mercury and Moon, which is creating a fervent mutable Grand Cross (a Grand Cross is when four planets are activated).

She’s probably feeling very overwhelmed, confused, and lost with all these planets being energized. This explains why she was partying late with Tristan’s associates—she was probably trying to blow off steam from work and sought refuge at the event from her public persona.


Taking things a little further in her chart, she has a Venus and Mars conjunction in Scorpio (which align with Kylie’s Moon in Scorpio, thus showing the connection between them). A Venus and Mars conjunction can lead to selfish behaviour and the desire to put the self first in relationships. She also has to transit Neptune on her South Node of Destiny, marking confusion about the future. With natal Saturn squaring transiting Saturn, this is part of their friendship story.

So, based on their astrology charts, will they make amends?

First of all, this friendship break is a major loss for both of them. Their charts are very strongly connected with each other. Jordyn’s Venus and Mars conjunct Kylie’s Scorpio Moon, which means their relationship was more than just snapping selfies and going shopping.

They actually really love each other. Both shared similar interests, philosophies, and views. They were meant to be BFFs. Although they may have argued here and there, they truly were each other’s ride or die bestie. However, at times they were a little jealous of the other.


Kylie and Jordyn are probably talking here and there, due to the strong aspects in their synastry. Their charts do show that they want to heal and put this behind them. But, they probably won’t be friends for a while. To verify these findings, we called upon psychic Michael Cardenas (@oldeways on Instagram) who stated, that they will ‘briefly’ make up because ‘Kylie’s mother [Kris Jenner] will be against it which will make it almost impossible.’

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we’ve traveled lives together

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We also believe that in December, the eclipse December 26th will force Jordyn back into the spotlight, but not in a fun way. She may experience ego hits and embarrassments. Cardenas also adds, ‘more information concerning Jordyn betraying Kylie will come to the surface.’ We agree based on their astrology charts and the transits coming their way. But, they will be connected in 2022. 2019 will be about letting go. 2020 – 2021 will be about deciding if they can be friends. 2022 will be a momentary reconciliation, which will end in 2023 with many tears because of the lack of trust.

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