Everyone’s slamming Kylie Jenner for using Instagram Stories while driving her Bugatti

Not a great look, Kylie!

  • Kylie Jenner is getting a ton of backlash for using Instagram Stories while driving.
  • Fans are calling Kylie out on Twitter for being super irresponsible and setting a bad example.

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner was minding her own business driving over to her mom’s birthday celebrations, and naturally, she chronicled the entire thing on Instagram Stories. Because of content! But the thing is, Kylie was driving (her controversial Bugatti, casual) while using Instagram, and she was actually going kinda fast. And now people on Twitter are dragging her for being reckless. It’s truly turned into a whole thing!

People have a lot to say, with comments ranging from ‘Someone needs to stop Kylie Jenner from videoing for stories while driving,’ to ‘Why is Kylie Jenner always filming on her phone whilst driving’ to ‘Kylie Jenner recording and posting Instagram videos WHILE DRIVING sure is a good influence.’

Meanwhile, another follower said, ‘I honestly don’t understand how nobody has called @KylieJenner out for using her phone whilst driving. I’ve seen her do it on her insta stories numerous times! Seeing as she’s got such a following it’s not setting a great example! Winds me up so much!’

And another somewhat more salty follower mused, ‘Why does Kylie Jenner constantly take videos of herself driving??? Does she genuinely think it makes her look cool because all I see is an immature girl with no consideration for the people she’s putting in danger.’

Kylie hasn’t commented on the backlash to her driving post, but, likeeeeee, safety > content!

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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