Kim Kardashian has a walk-in fridge the size of my apartment, and Twitter is losing it

I’ll just be here with my ramen.

Kim Kardashian tour of her fridge
  • Kim Kardashian just gave her fans a tour of her massive walk-in fridge and pantry.
  • Please be advised that what you’re about to see will leave you shook.

What do you have in your fridge? Like, an old burrito and that half bottle of wine you didn’t finish last night? Same! And honestly, for a moment there, it looked like Kim Kardashian has a fridge that was just as tragic and messed up as the rest of ours—at least, based on this promotional Skims pic she dropped on Instagram:

Seems kinda weird that Kim subsists on four different milk brands and water, but who am I to judge? My fridge currently has blue cheese that is not meant to be blue in it.

But apparently, this is not Kim’s only fridge. And thanks to the shock and WTF generated by her weird milk-hoarding habits, she went ahead and gave the world an Instagram Story tour of her *other* fridge, which is less a fridge and more a giant walk-in closet and pantry bigger than my actual bedroom.

And people are truly shook. Mostly because Kim’s fridge is basically a grocery store:

Truly, the WEALTH of it all:

Meanwhile, the pantry is literally just a giant empty room with one single shelf and a frozen yoghurt machine, which, honestly…respect. Kim clearly has her priorities in order:

Coooool, now excuse me while I go to my regular fridge and eat that aforementioned mouldy cheese real quick, bye.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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