This is how much Kim Kardashian got paid to do an Uber Eats ad

‘It’s the Queen’s English’

Kim Kardashian Uber Eats advert

Kim Kardashian has secured all the bags that can be secured. But she’s still finding time to film adverts for Uber Eats…in Australia.

The advert has Kim starring alongside Sharon Strzelecki, who is a character played by comedian Magda Szubanski, in Kath & Kim. Kim Kardash is wearing a netball kit and the pair discuss what they are going to order for supper on Uber Eats.

The reality star and business mogul posted the video on Instagram with the caption, ‘Tonight, I’ll be eating….. Making this Uber Eats ad for Australia was so much fun! The netball outfit is a vibe.’

The Daily Mail reported that Kim made $1,5 million on the advert, which is about R20 million. Ya know, small change.

The video has the two discussing what they are going to eat before Magda tries to teach Kim to say, ‘Noice.’ Kim struggles before saying, ‘I literally have no idea what you’re saying.’

To which Magda responds, ‘It’s the queen’s English. It’s not that hard.’

In an interview with the radio show, Fitzy and Wippa, Magda revealed that the two women weren’t in the same room at the same time during filming, and Kim had to film her side of the conversation two days earlier.

Watch the ad here:

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