Khloe Kardashian Says Tristan Thompson Tried to Kiss Her at True’s Birthday Party

Umm, does he not remember what he did?


The explosive new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered last night and one of the biggest dramas included Khloe Kardashian revealing that her cheating ex and the father of her child, Tristan Thompson, tried to make a move on her the first time they came face-to-face following that Jordyn Woods scandal. Umm, awkward much?

Khloe explains that while she was getting her make-up done for an event, the night before little True’s first birthday party, she invited her ex (or as he’s affectionately known in my WhatsApp group chat, Tristan ‘Third Trimester’ Thompson – thanks to his penchant for having affairs whilst his partners are pregnant) over to spend time with their child. It was at that point that he asked if she wanted a drink, went in for a hug and then made the move. Hallelujah though, because Khloe says she immediately rejected him with the succinct line, ‘Does it say dumb f*cking wh*re on my forehead?’ Kudos for getting straight to the point, Koko.

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The awkwardness didn’t stop at the birthday party the following day either, with Tristan telling Kanye West that he was upset to hear one of the rapper’s tracks (‘Runaway’) being used on a KUWTK promo video. Word, naturally, got back to Khloe and tears ensue.

Elsewhere, the emotions continued running high with Kim fearing that she might have rheumatoid arthritis and Kourtney struggling with turning 40.

So all in all, another addictive season is on the cards and we for one can’t wait to cancel all our plans to stay home dissecting it/tweeting about it/revelling in the sheer drama of it.

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