Khloé Kardashian Responds to Tristan Thompson’s Shirtless Gym Selfie


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  • Khloé Kardashian responded to Tristan Thompson’s shirtless gym selfie after a fan tweeted it to her.
  • Reminder: Tristan has been trying to flirt with Khloé on Insta since their breakup, and Khloé has pretty much just ignored it.

So after Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian broke up, Khloé seemed to want space (understandable after being cheated on multiple times!), while Tristan wanted to continue flirting with Khloé on Instagram for some reason. Not only did he share a lengthy post about how proud he was of her after her People’s Choice Awards win, but he was also leaving very extra comments on her Instagram, like, “The sun is shinning [sic] bright on a beautiful 💎.”

Khloé has basically just ignored Tristan‘s attempts to interact on social media, but she did have a pretty great response to the shirtless workout selfie/thirst trap that Tristan posted yesterday, which he captioned, “Late night work 💪🏾😤💪🏾”


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Late night work 💪🏾😤💪🏾

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And while Khloé didn’t comment directly on the photo, she did reply to a fan’s cheeky comment about it. The fan tweeted the pic at Khloé, writing, “You know what…I understand now girl,” and Koko responded with…

And even though Khloé can apparently now laugh about the whole Tristan situation, her ~cryptic~ Instagram quotes seem to imply that she’s still processing it. Just today she posted:




Doesn’t seem like Khloé is fully over Tristan’s betrayal if you ask me!

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