Justin Bieber Gives an Update on His Mental Health, Says That He's 'Getting Better Every Day'

Aw, yay!

Justin Bieber has been all kinds of active on Instagram lately—not only did he write his new wife Hailey Baldwin a very long love poem earlier this week, but he also liked an old photo of him and Selena Gomez earlier this month (confusing, I know), and jokingly trolled Shawn Mendes for stealing his ‘Prince of Pop’ title.

But perhaps the most notable recent action on JB’s Instagram account has been Justin’s opening up about his mental health struggles. Last month, Justin shared on Insta that he was ‘struggling a lot’ and ‘feeling super disconnected and weird.’ A few weeks later he posted that he was ‘focused on repairing some of the deep-rooted issues’ that he has, which is also the reason why he’s delayed releasing new music.

It’s really commendable that Justin has been so open about his mental health struggles, especially because he’s faced backlash for it in the past. Last week there were reports that Justin was making progress with his healing (a source said that, ‘sharing his struggles and thoughts with fans seems to have been very beneficial to him…he seems to feel less pressure and is able to focus on his health in peace’), and yesterday Justin himself gave an update on how he’s feeling.

On Friday, Justin posted a selfie on his Instagram Story and wrote, ‘Getting better every day .. bouncing back .. I will never ever stop fighting…Most challenging season of my life.’

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It’s great to hear directly from Justin that he is doing better, not only because mental health struggles can be really challenging and heartbreaking for anyone (and their families/friends) to deal with, but also on a totally selfish level, Justin and Hailey are reportedly waiting until he is feeling better to have their wedding, and us #Beliebers are just really excited about it!

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