The John Cena and Sho Madjozi story that warmed our hearts this weekend!



It has been a wild ride since Sho Madjozi (real name Maya Wegerif) debuted the song John Cena on Colors, just a few months ago. The catchy song was embraced by the wrestler-turned-actor who promoted it on his social media channels and even attempted to dance to the song on the Ellen show.

Sho Madjozi, herself, made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where The Voice mentor asked her about the song, about why she decided to name it after John Cena and then asked her to perform.

Kelly had previously noted that Sho Madjozi had not met John before, but added in that he wasn’t there because they ‘didn’t have the budget.’ But to Maya’s surprise while she was performing he snuck up behind her.

What happens next is hilarious, watch the video here:

Sho Madjozi later posted on Twitter that because her back was to him, when the audience started screaming she just thought they were loving her performance.

John also posted about the experience and how happy he was that WWE could inspire an artist from the other side of the world:

The Blockers actor also went on another talk show shortly afterwards discussing how the WWE wanted him to stop Sho Madjozi from using his name in her song for IP reasons, but he found it inspirational.

Watch that beautiful interview here:

South Africans are LIVING at the moment!

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