Meghan Markle’s BFF Jessica Mulroney might have just revealed Meghan and Prince Harry’s new brand name

They’re not allowed to use “Sussex Royal” anymore.

Jessica Mulroney

So now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they won’t be using the word ‘royal’ in their branding after stepping down from the royal family, the question remains: What will they call themselves? After all, their website and Instagram handle are both currently branded as ‘Sussex Royal,’ so it’s def an awkward situation!

Well, it looks like we may have an answer, cause Meghan’s BFF, stylist Jessica Mulroney, quietly registered a new domain for the Sussexes earlier this week. According to Daily Mail, Jessica ‘registered the website last Wednesday through her charity the Shoebox Project Foundation, which supports vulnerable women.’ So, at the very least, it looks like ‘Sussex Global Charities’ is in the running for Harry and Meghan’s new brand name!

It’s not totally clear why Jessica would be the one to register the name, and not, say, Meghan and Harry/their offices, though it could be that they wanted to keep the new name private, or perhaps simply ensure that no one else takes that website.

And ICYMI, it seems like Meghan isn’t too happy about having to give up the word ‘royal’ in her branding. According to a source, Meg complained to her ‘inner circle’ about it, and said it ‘shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place and it’s not like they want to be in the business of selling T-shirts and pencils…She said they know what their true intentions are and that’s all that matters.’

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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