Lerato Kgamanyane and other influencers slay at the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’

I am inspired!

lerato kgamanyane dont rush challenge

We are all finding ways to keep busy during this lockdown period. The emergence of amazing social media challenges, Instagram Lives with all your faves and having fun gatecrashing your friend’s House Party (on the House Party oc). The ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ has all our fave influencers throwing up the brush and showing us all their fab lewks.

What is the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’?

Basically the challenge shows one person in their ‘home’ clothes before taking a makeup brush, covering the camera with and when they take the brush away they are fully decked out in fire outfits and amazing facebeats. They then throw the brush to the side and one of their friends *catch* it before doing the same thing.

This is all while the song ‘Don’t Rush’ by Young T and Bugsey, plays in the background. Honestly, my explanations are not doing it justice, you have to see this for yourself. And I promise you, once you have seen one of the videos, you will want to watch five more.

Who is taking part in the challenge?

Tons of influencers from Thickleeyonce to Lerato Kgamanyane brought their squads along for an original, new way of getting ready with friends, watch some of the videos below:

Check them out here:

And then, of course, there was Thato Fox’s original take on the challenge:

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