Huawei is Cooking up Something Exciting in SA with AKA (and Smart Glasses)

The future is here!

Huawei has realised how much South Africa is loving their products (I mean, have you seen the camera on the P20 Pro) and has revealed some exciting news today pertaining to Mzansi.

Business Insider reported that South Africa will be one of the first countries to receive the Huawei Smart Glasses when they are launched in July 2019. The glasses, which are designed by the Korean sunglasses designer, Gentle Monster, were announced at the launch of Huawei’s P30 smartphone in Paris this week.

Huawei Smart Glasses don’t only look cool but they have even cooler functionality like make phone calls, listen to music and use a virtual assistant. The glasses are also charged in the case to avoid messy cabling.

The main event however was the announcement of the P30 Series phones. Huawei, the world’s second biggest manufacturer of phones (after Samsung), have launched the P30 (15cm) and the P30 Pro(16.4cm) which features an impressive new Huawei SuperZoom technology, Super Portrait Mode, an AI Movie Editor among plenty of other features.

And as Huawei is always on the trend of thing, it looks like superstar rapper AKA might be one of their brand representatives as deduced by his tweet:

We are excited to see what’s coming next!

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Featured Image: Instagram/ @akaworldwide

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