From Skinny Tea to Waist Trainers: Which Celeb-Endorsed Products Are Legit and Which Are Fake AF?

Are those gummy sweets really going to make your hair grow faster?

Celebrities: can they be trusted? We trust them to influence our style and our music tastes, and they make us broody against our will (as long as our baby comes out looking exactly like Chrissy Teigen‘s) but what about the products we buy? These days it’s surprisingly acceptable for super-rich famous people to totally ruin their carefully curated Insta aesthetic to promote stuff like diet teas, teeth whiteners and waist trainers. However, when they’re being paid up to R4-million per post, it’s hard to know whether they’re doing it for the money or if it’s worth it for us peasants to buy the magical gummy sweets that claim to make your hair grow faster. Here are some of the most weird celeb-endorsed products out there:

Flat Tummy Tea

Everyone from Real Housewives stars to the Kardashians has had their turn posing casually while holding a sachet of tea with a super natural caption about how much they love drinking the stuff. Some of these teas just contain laxatives, which we all know is not the way to go about losing weight (unless you’re also interested in losing important nutrients and becoming dehydrated). Others are healthy and tasty, but aren’t worth cutting up your gym membership card for. The main people who these teas work for are those who drink lots of sugary drinks, like iced coffees and cooldrinks. When you replace these high-kilojoule beverages with a cup of Flat Tummy Tea, then you’re obviously decreasing your energy intake. Save money (these teas can go for R350 for a week’s supply) and just stop drinking Frappuccinos every day instead.

Waist Trainers

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Waist trainers were brought into the spotlight by the Kardashian-Jenners, most notably around the time when Kylie wore hers while pregnant – presumably so her baby’s waist would come out already snatched. It’s implied that by wearing one of these corset-type waistbands every day, your body will eventually just stay cinched like that. You know, like how if you wear too-small shoes your feet will get smaller, or if you wear a size 8 dress every day eventually you’ll be a size 8. It’s basic science.

So, no, waist trainers don’t work in the long-term. They do work in the moment, though, so if you’re wanting to look extra hourglass-y for an evening, go ahead and pop one on.

Strapless Bras

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Amber Rose was really into punting what seemed to be the ultimate strapless bra for a while. It sticks onto your boobs (with a special non-stick section for your nipples, don’t stress) then you pull the strings and voila: perfectly perky boobs, cleavage and no visible straps. It seems these bras actually do the job, however, it’s been reported that they’re uncomfortable and are only ideal if you’re planning on spending the evening sitting really still. If you’re an A cup they will give you a magical cleavage, however, the rest of your chest will look completely flat which is just going to confuse everyone.

Sugar Bear Hair

Another endorsement trend at the moment is celebs posing with a bottle of gummy vitamins, smiling broadly and pretending like all the hair on their head is theirs, grown with the help of these vitamins. The company Sugar Bear Hair is responsible for these reportedly delicious sweeties that make your hair grow faster. They contain biotin, which actually is good for hair and nails, but they also contain sugar so some people report breaking out when taking them. Most reviews are favourable, though, with some saying their hair definitely grew more than usual and others saying it simply became much stronger and more shiny. You could skip the cost that comes with a celeb-endorsed name brand and just buy some biotin supplements.

Teeth Whitener

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American celebrities all have one thing in common: outrageously perfect teeth. You might have seen some influencers sharing photos of them with a see-through gum guard and a bright blue LED light – i.e. their at-home teeth-whitening system. The idea is you fill the gum guard with this special gel, then shine the light on your teeth which reacts with the gel and they get whiter. Let’s be real: celebs are *not* fiddling around with gel and LED lights in their own homes. They’re paying someone to give them a professional treatment or to fit them with veneers. Online reviews of these systems range from people barely noticing a difference to people whose teeth became so sensitive after using this product that they struggled to drink cold water. It’s probably worth it to just make peace with your pearly off-whites.

Flat Tummy Lollipops

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Kim K faced some backlash recently when she posted herself snacking on an ‘appetite-suppressing’ lollipop. The brainchild of our old pals at Flat Tummy Tea, these lollipops are supposed to curb your cravings and keep you satisfied between meals. They have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Association, meaning none of their claims have been confirmed yet. You’d be better off eating well-rounded meals that don’t leave you feeling hungry in between meals.

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