The First Episode of Enhle's New Vodcast Show Gave Us A Taste of What's To Come

The debut episode of ‘Sincerely Yours’ spilled some tea.

The first episode of Enhle’s brand new vodcast (podcast with video) show has been sent out into the world wide web and we need to chat about the topics covered. The debut episode of Sincerely Yours spilled some tea and shed some light on what we can expect to see more of in future episodes.

The show, which will be broadcast on Touch HD’s digital platforms, was celebrated with a pajama party where Ehle discussed what the audience can expect from the show. Speaking to a local news publication, Enhle said her idea for the show came from her fans, who frequently engage with her on her Women’s Wednesday discussions.

‘A lot of women would inbox me still wanting to have more topics. Women wanted to talk about dildos, sex. So, I thought how about I just make this a show and have real conversations,’ she said. While the show will predominantly focus on women’s issues and subjects, there will be a space for men to get involved too.

‘We put so much pressure on men that we don’t know where their issues stem from. So we have conversations with men too. Why do you cheat? We want to know.’ When the publication ventured into Enhle’s own personal life, asking if she is still loved up, she said; ‘I don’t know. It’s none of your business,’ with a little laugh.

The question comes amidst rumours that Enhle’s relationship with her husband, A-list DJ Black Coffee is on the verge of a split following cheating allegations. Both camps have been silent on the subject, but their Instagram activity paints a bleak picture, as they have unfollowed each other. Enhle has also deleted her pictures featuring Black Coffee.

We’re sure there will be a lot more to talk about after the next episode. Catch Sincerely Yours by Enhle on THD24.

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