Lady Zamar, Boity and more send messages of support to Enhle Mbali

We stan women who support women ??


It’s tough to be a woman in the entertainment industry, especially when you going through a very public divorce. But the other fierce women really banded behind Enhle Mbali after she posted her emotional video revealing that she is divorcing her husband, Black Coffee.

Among those women was singer Lady Zamar who commented on the video with, ‘The stronger you are the more the world will test you. We are as women the strength and the heart of humanity…We need to teach our boys to understand and respect women for without us we are all nothing. God be with you in this fight and I hope you come out stronger. Be blessed, we understand where you are right now ❤️’

But the comments definitely show that Enhle has an array of women in the industry who are wishing her well:

Entertainer Boity also commented with, ‘Strength, sis. God is with you through every SEASON of your journey on this earth. The bad news is nothing lasts forever. The good news is nothing lasts forever! With you in heart and prayer, mama.’

Actress Jessica Nkosi said, ‘I’m so sorry Enhle ❤️ I’m so sorry. Wishing you well my love. May God give you all the strength you need.’

Radio personality, Bridget Masinga said, ‘It’s not an easy journey hun but you are more than a conqueror. Keep your grace and Faith will see you through.’

TV personality Pearl Modiadie said, ‘Sending you my love ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so sorry you’re going through this.’

Actress Terry Pheto, ‘Sending you love and strength sis.’

Comedian and actress Celeste Ntuli said, ‘I’m sorry you going through a tough time!! You deserve your privacy you don’t owe us no explanation whatsoever!! ❤️❤️ Sending you love and positive vibes.’

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