Does Harry Styles’ Sweaty Chest Mean New Music Is Coming??

He’s been spotted making a ~wet~ video in Cancun.

Attention, all ye Stylers and Directioners: Harry Styles has been spotted wearing a low-cut silver sparkly shirt (HELLO, chest) and high-waisted teal flares in what appears to be a music video shoot in Cancun. Could this mean new Harry Styles music is coming soon??

It’s been a little more than two years since Harry went solo and released his first album, also called Harry Styles. It’s unclear whether new music will have the same soft-rock vibe or whether Harry will be trying another genre (based on the music video’s silver glittery shirt, I’m hoping for a pivot to disco). He has been spotted with mega producer Mark Ronson, who has also done his fair share of genre experimentation:

Either way, Harry Styles fans are collectively losing their minds at the hint of new music!

It seems like producers claimed that the shoot was for a mayonnaise advert, which is an oddly specific attempt to deflect attention. Did they think the Harry stans wouldn’t be interested in a mayo advert? Because I’m pretty sure people would pay to watch Harry watching paint dry. Or is the mayo a reference to how bland Harry’s music is? (Don’t @ me, Stylers). Either way, a 20-building shoot with swathes of security seems a little much for a condiment advert. Besides, according to a tweet from 2010, HARRY DOESN’T EVEN LIKE MAYO:

(Side note: I kind of wish people still tweeted like this :/ .xx)

It may have been nine years, but who could POSSIBLY forget that tidbit? Hell, his dislike of it has even been documented via fan fiction, because of course it has. What I’m saying is, the mayo commercial looks unlikely. We’re also swimming in rumors about Harry as a potential Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid, so it hopefully won’t be long before we’ve got some new Styles content to fangirl over.

This article originally appeared on Cosmo US.

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