Dineo Ranaka’s Umlilo performance has DJ Zinhle’s seal of approval

Women supporting women, we love to see it.

Dineo Ranaka Umlilo

TV and radio presenter, Dineo Ranaka has recently made the transition to DJ-ing, and she really got into the groove when she played Umlilo by DJ Zinhle. And Zinhle was loving it.

A video was circulating on social media of Dineo by Instagram user @jadedimples of Dineo feeling it as she played Umlilo during a set, and TBH you can see that she loves the song.

You can watch it here:

The video made its’ way into the court of DJ Zinhle, who shared it on Twitter with the caption, ‘This video of @dineoranaka is a perfect description of how #umlilo makes me and a lot of people feel. This video gave me joy. Thank you Dineo.’

Dineo responded to Zinhle’s tweet by saying how important the song has been, ‘Sis, like I said to you in Cape Town, thank you for umthandazo of the year!! God knows most if not all of us needed that prayer it awakens umphefmula ongadalelwanga ukufa.’

Fans also shared their special Umlilo moments with one saying, ‘I swear I get goosebumps every time that part of the song plays. I ALWAYS tell people that it’s a spiritual song!’

Excuse me, while I go listen to Umlilo again.

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