Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera Debut 'Fall in Line' Music Video

Your Thoughts?

So, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato have finally dropped the video for their new single, ‘Fall in Line’, and as expected their fans have become art experts on what the whole video is about along with the inspirations behind it. Despite both artists having not divulged their inspirations, when you’re a Stan you definitely just know these things, no?

According to Teen Vogue, aesthetically, the video is very Hunger Games meets Handmaids Tale, which is fitting for the inspirational female empowerment anthem. But fans of the song are already delving into alternate meanings, and one theory, in particular, has taken root: that the video could be a visual representation of the two stars’ rise through child stardom.

Both Demi and Christina grew up in the limelight from an early age, which is never an easy thing. Demi especially has been vocal about that part of her life, like in a 2016 interview with Glamour where she said, ‘We used to work so much and so hard for very little, that when our schedules get too busy, I immediately think about the past. It gives me anxiety, and it’s kinda like legit PTSD…You work so hard, and you don’t really reap the rewards, or I didn’t’, as stated on TeenVogue.

Regardless of what the true inspiration for the video is, it’s sure to be an anthem amongst die-hard Christina and Demi’s fans. Christina is back with her rich and bold voice on this one and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Maybe you want to check the video yourself and make your own judgements? Watch it below:

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