Celebs, Influencers and Survivors Join COSMO and Strawberry Lips to Empower Women to Love Their Boobs Just as They Are

Saggy boobs, pancake boobs, melon boobs. All boobs matter ?


For our September issue, we created our #DearBoobs campaign and partnered with Strawberry Lips in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. R1 from every issue sold will be donated to PinkDrive, which is a breast cancer educational and fundraising NGO founded on the basis that early detection of breast cancer will help prolong life.

Strawberry Lips will also donate a percentage of their bottle sales during October to PinkDrive and they will also contribute towards 5 000 PinkDrive breast examinations from their October sales proceeds.

‘Breast Cancer has touched the lives of almost everyone I know in some way, and it’s time to find solutions through knowledge and education,’ says Strawberry Lips marketing manager, Vanessa Nel. 

Raw, Real and Fierce 

Inside the issue, the #DearBoobs campaign features 14 local celebrities, influencers and breast cancer survivors in a series of completely unretouched images. Celebrities featured include Enhle MbaliPinky Girl and Gina Myers. We asked each woman to write a letter to her boobs entitled #DearBoobs. And, because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we asked three brave survivors to share their stories so that they could help educate Millennial women about the reality of breast cancer, and how to be responsible and check your boobs for lumps. 

COSMO Boob Survey 

Earlier this year, COSMO surveyed more than 1 800 South African women for their first-ever, national boob survey. We asked more than 30 breast-related questions and found that 60% of respondents wished their boobs looked different. A shocking 74% are either unhappy or only kinda happy with their bodies. And, more than half said they would consider getting a boob job if given the chance. According to the survey, a third of women don’t do self-examinations, yet one in four has a family member who has had (or has) breast cancer. 

The Self-love Issue 

‘Self-love is no easy feat,’ says COSMO editor, Holly Meadows. ‘Women across the world are tired of not being represented. And so, in response to the data we collected from our survey, we launched #DearBoobs to celebrate all women’s bodies. We’re saying yes to all boobs – saggy boobs, pancake boobs, lopsided boobs, melon boobs… All boobs matter.’ 

Breast Cancer Awareness #DearBoobs campaign

Read more about our campaign on page 69 of the issue – on sale right now!

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