Like sands through the hourglass, Days of Our Lives could be over

What will we do without our daily Marlena update???


We all have a classic Days of Our Lives story – a storyline or scene that we will never forget. Whether it be that time Marlena was possessed by the devil, or when all John Black’s memories were stored on a floppy disk, or even when there was a serial killer running rampant in Salem, it is a one-of-a-time soapie.

However, the good times might be coming to an end, as TMZ reported that all the actors on the soap have been released from their contracts.

This means that all the actors including Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady), Drake Hogestyn (John Black) and Deirdre Hall (Marlena Evans) are free to find other work. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the show is over.

The show, which is currently on season 55, films eight months in advance. However, the channel that produces it, NBC, will only decide in early 2020 if they will renew the soap opera for a 56th season.

According to TMZ, this does not spell out the end of the show yet, but it could mean that if it is renewed the actors would be offered lower salaries. That also means that some actors might have found new jobs or will decide not to return so the show as you know it will look a little bit different.

However, a source revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that ‘that since the show was eight months ahead in production and will wrap for the season in November. At that time, some actors may be released if there’s no renewal decision.’

The production company, Corday said that Days of Our Lives is renewed for 2019-20 in January and that production would likely resume in a few months, but the cast would have to negotiate new contracts.

If changes do happen, South Africa would have to wait a few years as Season 51 is currently airing on at 5:15 pm.

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