Nothing is making me cringe as much as Daniel Radcliffe’s South African accent in this new movie trailer

Pls make it go away.

daniel radcliffe escape from pretoria

As a country, South Africa has been through a lot in 2019. Some goods things, some bad things, but now closing the year out, we have a new attempt at the South African accent to deal with, in the form of Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter actor is starring in Escape from Pretoria, the story about Tim Jenkin, an anti-apartheid activist who escaped from Pretoria Maximum Security Prison in 1979.

An ANC member, Jenkin was arrested in 1978 for dispersing anti-apartheid leaflets, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Jenkin, along with two other prisoners – Stephen Lee and Alex Moumbaris – escaped in December 1979 using handmade keys that Jenkin created. South African Communist Party member, Jeremy Cronin, then also a prisoner helped the group by distracting the warden.

Escape from Pretoria is based on Tim Jenkin’s book of the same name and will premiere in March 2020. The film was directed by British director Francis Annan and stars Daniel Radcliffe as Jenkin, Ian Hart as Denis Goldberg, and Daniel Webber as Stephen Lee.

Watch the trailer here:

All the controversy around the film is not only about the accents, but there is also the fact that while it is telling a South African story, it is an Australian production, and with no South African actors in lead roles.

I was not the only one not feeling this trailer, as expected Twitter had *a lot* to say:

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