Chrissy Teigen moved John Legend’s Grammys to make room for her Baby2Baby award

Her little ‘yay’ at the end though. ?

  • Chrissy Teigen accepted an award over the weekend at the 2019 Baby2Baby Gala.
  • She bumped John Legend’s Grammy Awards out of the way to make room for it on their ridiculously large trophy shelf, much to his surprise.

You know that dusty shelf at your parents’ house that holds one participation trophy from third grade T-ball and, like, two swim team medals? A trophy shelf! A shrine to your accomplishments! A demonstration of athletic prowess, well, something!

Well, prepare to be jealous, because John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s looks more like this:


I know, I know, must be nice to have an EGOT winner in the family, right? That entire wall of enviable hardware isn’t all about John Legend though. Chrissy Teigen has contributed plenty. In fact, she picked up an award this weekend at the Baby2Baby Gala for her charity work. Baby2Baby is a nonprofit that gives kids living in poverty basic essentials, and Chrissy has helped bring attention to it in the past, which earned her their Giving Tree Award.

Let’s be honest for a sec: An award given for doing selfless work with a charity to help kids is low-key better than a career award (sorry, John). And obviously, Chrissy wanted this honour displayed front and centre at home, Grammys be damned.


After getting home from the gala, John shot a Twitter video of Chrissy waltzing on over to the shelves, still in her Georges Hobeika dress, to shove those Grammy Awards outta the way so her award could shine.

Between John’s indignant ‘wow’ and Chrissy’s lil ‘yay’ at the end, it’s peak Teigen-Legend cuteness. Check it out:

All this fuss after John promised his Emmy wouldn’t bump Chrissy’s Spike TV Award off the shelf…Guess they’ll need more space soon.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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