Celebs are totally falling for the meme of quarantined people singing their songs

Even Madonna got duped.

katy perry meme

In this trying time, we need to find joy where we can, and this made us LOL so we had to share…celebs are falling for a meme making the rounds saying quarantined people in Italy are singing their songs.

Italy has had more than 17 000 cases of coronavirus and since then the country has been on lockdown. A meme started making the rounds on Twitter of a group of people in a block of flats on their respective balconies.

According to the Guardian, they were Napoli fans singing ‘Un Giorno All’Improvviso’ a football song that was popularised during their 2016 challenge.

You can see the original here:

But stans were doing as stans do and immediately swapped out the original audio with the sounds of fans singing at their faves’ concerts.

So for example, we have the Arianators:

But some celebs fell for it and shared the memes. Such as Katy Perry, after the stan claimed the Italians were singing ‘Roar’ she retweeted it with the caption, ‘You cannot break the human spirit. We are one in this.’

And Queen of Pop, Madonna responded to it with, ‘Let us all rise up. Everywhere around the world!’

Shawn Mendes responded with, ‘Wow.’

Aya Nakura commented with, ‘Sacré corona.’

Lol, I can’t wait to see who falls for it next.

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