#COSMOBeats with Ms Cosmo: Here's Who Ms Cosmo Can't Wait to See at Coachella

And her festival essentials!

Ms Cosmo is heading to Coachella this weekend (amazing, right?!) and we caught up with her ahead of her trip! Keep scrolling to see who Ms Cosmo can’t wait to see on stage, how she’ll be getting into the Coachella vibe and more.

1 What are 5 of your favourite songs from any of the artists on the Coachella line-up?

1 Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

Outside of being a chart-topper, Cardi B has launched herself as the premium hip-hop queen of 2017 and 2018. This song is hard but feminist at the same time. I love Cardi’s charisma!

2 Wizkid –  Come Closer

Wizkid is Africa’s star child, star boy! This song also charted on the Billboard 100 and is putting Africa on the map. It features Drake and is a soulful representation of an Afro love song.

3 Black Coffee – We Dance Again 

What more needs to be said? Black Coffee is our best export and, this being his biggest commercial song to drop, puts him at the forefront of the dance music scene.

4 Beyonce – Formation 

I’m a proud member of the Beehive and excited for her entire catalogue!

Formation is a true bad b***h anthem and shouts ‘we run the world!’

5 Migos – Stir Fry 

The hottest boy band to drop one of the best albums! Migos have so much flair when it comes to their music and the creativity in their music videos. This song is no different. I’m most excited to watch them perform the ad-libs that they’re known for.

2 Which two artists are you most excited to see at the fest?

I’m most excited to see Cardi B. I love her rise to fame and her ‘don’t care’ attitude. Also, her album just dropped so it’ll be the first time she puts on a full performance with more than three songs.

I’m also keen to see Wizkid. I’ve never seen him perform and word out on the street says that he’ll be bringing out a few artists from Nigeria to perform with him as well – which will be amazing for Africa.

3 Which of the artists would you love to do a collab with? And why? What would you call the track?

Oh man, I’d love to collaborate with Cardi B, SZA, Black Coffee, Wizkid and Migos. They are all amazing artists for various reasons. Black Coffee is a beast of a producer who understands music holistically and would know how to mesh the others together, Cardi is the most charismatic artist out right now, SZA’s vocal ability is mind-blowing, Wizkid has an Afro beats finesse, and Migos does awesome ad-libs. The song would be called Mood.


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4 Which items of clothing will you be incorporating into your looks to embrace the whole festival vibe?

Accessories always top off an outfit. Without the right earrings, neck-piece or even shoes, an outfit doesn’t come together.

I’m planning on getting a lot of gems to give me that signature Coachella feel.

5 What are your 5 Coachella essentials?

  1. A backpack to keep all your stuff in. There’s a lot of walking so you need to be able to carry a lot to keep up.
  2. A face mask. Coachella can get dusty from the 250 000 people simultaneously walking in between stages.
  3. Sunglasses. The sun’s glare can really get you worked up and they’re a good addition to any look.
  4. Sunscreen – the sun is not your friend. Protect your skin.
  5. A fan and water bottle to keep cool and hydrated.

6 What are your go-to packing tips?

Roll your clothes to fit more items into your bag. Always pack a change of clothes and a toothbrush in your carry-on bag in case something happens to your luggage at the airport or if you can’t check into your hotel early. Pack valuables into your carry-on and wrap your check-in luggage to protect it from wear and tear (thieves as well).

Catch Ms Cosmo on 5FM for her show ‘The Stir Up’ every Sunday, 7pm to 10pm.

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