Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Go on a Stylish Tropical Vacation for the New 'Bed' Music Video

Name a better duo, I’ll wait

Four eventful weeks ago, Nicki Minaj dropped her new single with Ariana Grande, Bed. Since the single dropped, Nicki has teased clips and screenshots from the video, which features her as a ‘precious’ mermaid! Nicki finally dropped the video in its entirety on Friday.

First off, in the teaser Nicki and Ariana frolic on the beach (Nicki also flaps her mermaid tail), have a giant bubble party, and do some twerking — all the makings of a quality music video!


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But in the real music video, there are zero bubbles, which is a missed opportunity IMO. Regardless, the official video is still a three-minute cinematic masterpiece full of literal beach waves, pastel crimped hair, Ariana’s signature ponytail, football player Odell Beckham Jr, and a man that’s definitely not Pete Davidson.

But all is not lost on the bubble party because Nicki said there’s another music video for the song that she might drop this week.

The countdown begins!

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