Caster Semenya on the Two Women in Her Life

We stan a living legend

Legendary athlete and human-rights advocate Caster Semenya has been inspiring South Africans with her incredible talent and strong will in the face of adversity for years. In a recent public-speaking appearance and interview with W24, Caster shared how she deals with fear and talked about the two women in her life: her mom, Dorcas, and her partner, Violet.

‘I’m tough, I’m fearless and I don’t care what other people think of me,’ she said, sharing how, when she is faced with scary situations, she actively chooses to be fearless and remind herself that she is tough enough to overcome anything. She faced severe scrutiny and discrimination from her industry when the IAAF ruled that ‘hyperandrogenic’ athletes (or those with ‘differences of sexual development’) would be required to artificially lower their testosterone levels.

‘When you are the best in the world, people get obsessed with what you do… I might be stopped from running now, but it’s just a temporary situation,’ she said of her decision not to adhere to these new discriminatory rules.

Because Caster knows her worth. ‘Running fast doesn’t come from genetics, it comes from working hard,’ the Olympic gold medallist said. And she has worked hard. Despite always being athletic (her parents had hopes of her becoming a soccer star), it is hard work and determination that took her to the top. ‘For me to be able to control everything around me, I have to control myself. I cannot respond to mediocrity. I’ve learnt to treat people with respect, even when they are negative towards me.’


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Caster also took the opportunity to talk about the two women who support her through everything she does. ‘My mother never questioned my decisions; her main goal was always to keep me happy. She taught me all about respect for yourself and your elders. My mom knows what kind of person I am and what I like, and she’s never made me feel like I am not loved – that’s one of the biggest gifts that a mother can give to her children,’ she said of her mom.


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When talking about Violet, she said, ‘This is one person who never lets me down or questions me about my goals and dreams. It is because of this that I know that I am always protected. Even when she is not entirely sure that what I am coming to her with will work, she still supports me and encourages me to go ahead with whatever I have in mind.’

We can’t wait to see what else lies in store for this icon.

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