No big deal but Caster Semenya just beat Cristiano Ronaldo in the Nike Living Room Cup challenge

What, like it’s hard?

caster semenya cristiano ronaldo

I mean, we all know that 800m runner Caster Semenya is an icon. But now she truly proved it when she went to go beat international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo at his own challenge.

During this time of a global pandemic, Cristiano has been promoting the Nike Living Room Cup Challenge which encourages people to exercise indoors. The core strength challenge basically has you touching your toes as many times as possible, while you are lying on your back.

Cristiano, who plays for the football club, Juventus, was able to do 142 reps in 45-seconds. But like she does most of her competitors, Caster left him the dust as she did 176 reps.

Posting on Instagram, Caster said, ‘Hola fellas thanks to @cristiano for his challenge, the beast himself did his best, I also manage to scoop 176 in that space of 45 seconds. Not bad for a Sunday ke ya baba mfo.’

I mean, you don’t get more badass than that.

Check out the video here:

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