Cardi B receives ‘100-carat’ Titanic diamond ring from Offset for her birthday

It’s actually BLINDING.

  • Cardi B receives ‘100-carat’ Titanic diamond ring from Offset for her birthday
  • Cardi shares footage of her new heart-shaped ring set to Instagram

If you thought that the Kardashians gave elaborate gifts (i.e. swanky race cars and Hérmes bags), wait until you see what Offset bought Cardi B for her birthday.

This weekend Cardi B turned 27 and opted to celebrate the occasion with her nearest and dearest. Aside from the stellar company, the highlight of the bday event was, undeniably, the gift she received from bae.

Rather than receiving a romantic weekend getaway, or designer bag, Cardi received a ring with a diamond so big, it’s been dubbed the ‘Titanic diamond’. Oooooft!

According to jewellery and style expert Lauren McCawley, via E! News, the ring could be worth upwards of £3 million (!!). Meanwhile, other outlets report that the piece is believed to contain up to 100-carats. Yep, 100 CARATS. Safe to say, we cannot relate to this life, but we’re so here for the pics.

In truly ~extra~ style, Offset served up Cardi’s gift on a silver platter, complete with a side of red roses. Naturally, the whole thing was caught on video – just watch the rapper’s face when she cops an eyeful of the prezzie.

Ay caramba!

‘Thank you sooo much babe @offsetyrn I can’t believe it ?Deum @pristine_jewelers ! I’m so happy ❤️Soo grateful’ wrote Cardi on the ‘gram.

Mate, I’d be eternally grateful for this gift too (hint hint, nudge nudge).

Offset then shared a close up of the massive rock on his own account, with the caption ‘KIDS WE DIDNT COME TO PLAY

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Like hell he did. This ring is honestly so big and blinding I can’t quite believe it even exists, but hey. Also, how heavy would that thing be? Asking for a friend.

Happy bday Cardi (but something tells us it was just that regardless of our well wishes).

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan UK

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