Bonnie Mbuli Came After Sho Madjozi on Twitter and We Are Confused

She accused the rapper of having a ‘ghost-writer’


You might have missed this altercation this weekend, but our July cover star Sho Madjozi (real name Maya Wegerif) and TV personality Bonnie Mbuli got into a twar after Bonnie accused Sho of having a ghostwriter.

This all began when Sho Madjozi tweeted a number of threads addressing the xenophobia and gender-based violence in South Africa, and many of her fans commented that her statements were well thought out and educational. Bonnie, however, was not a fan.

Bonnie, first tweeted (she has since deactivated her Twitter account), ‘It’s so obvious when your mainstream faves are tweeting think threads on current issues written by their PR.’

She then directly replied to one Sho Madjozi’s tweets by saying, ‘What about the fact that these are not your words?’

To which the rapper responded with, ‘You have to reflect on why you think a young African woman can’t write for herself. Don’t know if it’s internalized racism sexism or what? I have a degree in African studies and creative writing, and also you don’t know me, so this is very weird.’

Bonnie Mbuli, then, deactivated her Twitter account after the backlash.

The fans were v v vocal:

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