Bonang's Response to this Fan that Got Catfished is Hilarious

Like, we do feel for the fan.

It’s every fan’s dream to chat to their celeb and this mo’ghel fan was unfortunate as they were catfished by whom they believed was the star.

Okay, let’s start this off with a warning: If you get a message from a celebrity account (especially a non-verified one) asking you for money or airtime, don’t do it.

One Bonang Matheba fan was not as lucky as they engaged with a fake Facebook account and lost out in about R150. It sounds minimal but the Fake! Bonang really went out their way to scam B’s loyal fans.

‘Bonang’ said that her sister was stuck on the M1 without petrol and she was in the Urban Brew Studios and her app didn’t want to work because she was recording and didn’t have reception. It was a convoluted story but seemed to work as the fan said that they sent her the airtime.

However, when this was brought to Bonang’s attention, the star said, ‘If you believe you’re talking to ME, then you deserve to get catfished.’

The entire story is wild, we need to glass of BNG to wash this all down.

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