It Seems Like Bonang's Plans to Build a Primary School Are Underway

Where can we get an application form?

Bonang Matheba has been pioneer out here, making headway in various industries, and just doing her bit to make her mark in South Africa. In March, Queen B spoke to Trending SA about her aspirations to create a primary school of her own.

She said, ‘I want to involve a lot of South Africans because I am South Africa. I see me in the form of a school or a university.’

Bonang also said to Channel24, ‘I see a portion of the funds from House of BNG going back into the African community. Either by sending more girls to school, or building a school where young girls can pursue their education for free. It will be a great honour, and a great way to leave my mark in this country…Education is something that can change somebodies life. It is something that somebody will always be grateful for, and is something that nobody can take away from you.’

And yesterday she tweeted that her dream might come into fruition, with ‘I’ve always wanted to build a school. Seems like it’s actually gonna happen.’

When one fan asked her if she was going to open a school on fashion and media studies, she said that she would rather create a primary school.

Can we join school of BNG?

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