Bonang's Clapback to Somizi's #Feathers10 Shade Deserves an Award

And of course, she nailed it.

It just wouldn’t be an awards show without some shade thrown.

Bonang has hit back at shade thrown her way by Somizi at the Feather Awards #Feathers10 on Thursday night, telling followers that the show would be boring without her being mentioned.

The comment came after a fan commented about the fact that Somgaga, who was one of this year’s Feather Awards hosts, threw major shade at Bonang Matheba in his monologue referencing the tax dispute she is currently battling. Hashtag not cool.

‘And as usual… They have to shade Bonang. Every year. #Feathers10,’ read the Tweet of one viewer and your girl B replied back saying; ‘It’s boring if they don’t baby. *wink face*.

To clarify why this is disappointingly tacky; Bonang and Somgaga were once BFFs until their fell out. There’s been lots of back and forth on the shade-front and obviously, a lot of speculations as to what caused their fall out.

Furthermore, it is the entertainment industry and a lot can be said in jest. I suppose there’s a thin line between banter and a fully-loaded mess-stirring comment, right?

Now, to drive across Bonang’s famous pinned Tweet to sum up all the shade-throwing: ‘….they have to talk about you. Because when they talk about themselves, nobody listens.’

Do you smell burning? Yeah, it’s from this post.

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