Bonang Matheba just accepted a man’s proposal on Twitter and it seems like the lockdown is getting to us all

‘Mrs Bonang Matheba-Shoba reporting for duty’

bonang matheba twitter proposal

We’ve been under lockdown for almost a month and it seems like we are all feeling the strain even Bonang Matheba herself. Lockdown has meant that Queen B has had more time to *extremely online* and communicate with the masses.

This week she even responded to a marriage proposal. I mean, the mans was aiming high, but the good sis replied, and probably made his day.

So let’s break down the conversation:

The man in question responded to one of Bonang’s tweets by saying, ‘Can you cook @bonang_m I’m looking for a wife here’ which is extremely brave. But I’m sure B is used to guys shooting their shots in her mentions. But she had some time so she responded by saying, ‘Can you fix a roof? I’m looking for a huuuuuuusband.’

To which Nkanyiso Shoba (the husband) replied, ‘Consider yourself married,’ and she responded with ‘Mrs Bonang Matheba-Shoba reporting for duty.’

Of course, Twitter was shook that he managed to get it right:

One user said, ‘The guy joined Twitter this month now he’s snatching the whole Bonang with his 70 something followers I’m not owk.’

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