The best reactions to Bonang’s tweet about wanting to start a record label

Uh, Mo’Ghel Records?

Bonang wants to start a record company

If there is one thing that we can take out of 2019 is that now more than ever we are sure that we are living in Bonang Matheba‘s world.

From the launch of her MCC, House of BNG (and news that she will be expanding the brand next year) to her various reality shows and documentaries, and of course all of her awards, Queen B made this year epic.

So this weekend, Bonang was tweeting about how in her next life she would like to start her own record label.

She did say that her friends called her ‘mad’ for wanting to do this. However, her other famous friends also had some advice for the Being Bonang star.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest said, ‘You don’t want that stress.’

Rapper Gigi Lamayne, however, thought it would be a good idea to have more women running things in the business. She said, ‘I think it’s a good idea actually. Things just aren’t fair on the streets. Would be great to see more women at it actually.’

Priddy Ugly was also on board as he quoted Bonang’s tweet and said, ‘Let’s go!!!!!!’

Countless fans also tweeted their support, saying that they believe that Bonang can do anything that she sets her mind too. And I mean, I’m not going to argue with facts, she is a force to be reckoned with, I won’t be surprised if there is a BNG Records in our future.

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