Um, so what happened between Bonang and Ntsiki on Twitter?

Queen B doesn’t have time for nonsense.


Bonang Matheba has seen her fair share of Twars in her time on Twitter. Recently she had musician Ntsiki Mazwai coming after her, and B was not having it.

Over the weekend, Ntsiki tweeted, ‘I once asked… Does Bonang OWN the distraction line and House of BNG, or is it her name that Woolworths is using? Because, yazi, I’m seeing Mihlali…’ Basically, she was asking if Bonang is actually a mo’ghel or  just an influencer.

Some fans agreed with Ntsiki’s sentiment:

While many others called Ntsiki out on her negativity and accused her of unfairly going after another successful black woman.

One of the fans sent the tweet to Bonang, who was not even interested in entertaining it. She responded to the tweet with, ‘I don’t have time for nonsense.’

I mean, we can’t help but stan.

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