Bonang Matheba is moving to the US and this HUGE opportunity might be why

This is where the speculation leads…


2019 has been a great year for Bonang Matheba. From the launch of her MCC brand, The House of BNG earlier this year to her E! People’s Choice Award win for Best African Influencer this week, she is owning the game.

Bonang revealed to DRUM that she will be moving to the US next year after the SUN Met. About it, she said, ‘I’m moving to the US after the Sun Met next year and the plan is to get there to put the plans in motion.’

Last year, she first started making it to the US when she bought an apartment in New York City. And when IOL asked her about one day joining the E! Entertainment team, she said, ‘That dream is still big. Ryan Seacrest is still the template. I’ve mimicked the way he has done things as a TV presenter and also his business acumen. It’s great that I have worked for E! Africa, which was a dream come true. E! is the next step.’

When she was interviewed about her PCA win with COSMO, she said that she has something big to announce early next year, that she can’t talk about yet.

Will Bonang be the next E! presenter?

IOL did a bit of speculating and put two and two together that our very own, Bonang might be replacing E! veteran Giuliana Rancic on the channel.

So here are their findings:

  1. E! Entertainment will be moving from Los Angeles to New York City next year.
  2. Bonang moved to New York City.
  3. Giuliana Rancic announced that she will not be making the move with the show and will be leaving the show in 2020 to focus on her family.
  4. The SUN Met takes place on 1 February 2020 which is early in the year, when Bonang is set to make an announcement…

Only time (and Bonang) will tell us if this is true, but don’t worry, we will keep our eyes peeled for any development.

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