Here's What Went Down Between Bonang Matheba and Euphonik Yesterday

The couple used to date.

Amidst the reports of gender-based violence, TV personality Bonang Matheba and DJ Euphonik have had an altercation on Twitter, that very much referenced the history that the two share.

Euphonik, first, tweeted: ‘We are trash…’

To which, Bonang responded with ‘Nonke’ which translates to ‘all of you.’

Okay, some background, the phrase ‘nonke’ was popularised in 2016 after people accused him of shading AKA who was dating Bonang (his ex) at the time. This resulted in Euphonik releasing a series of tweets defending himself (and insulting Bonang) ending with the phrase ‘Nonke’ which trended on Twitter after this. Euphonik later monetised this by releasing a range of T-shirts with the phrase.

In 2012, while the pair were dating, Bonang applied for a protection order against the DJ after accusing him of abusing her, she later withdrew the charges. He denied all the accusations.

After Bonang tweeted ‘Nonke’, he replied with a since-deleted tweet, ‘Haha, Slam dunk! I forget you’re not normal. THIS IS A CRISIS. It’s not an opportunity to SEEK RELEVANCE or to TREND. All men are trash! Sonke! Anyways… good hanging with you the entire time you were in Ibiza this weekend. Come again soon.’

Fans were quick to come to defend Bonang:

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