WATCH: We're OBSESSED with the Black Panther Parody of Jaden Smith's 'Icon'

‘I am a protector, you’re a menace/That’s why I have to fight like an Avenger’

Black Panther is more than just a movie – it’s a pop culture phenomenon. If you haven’t seen it in cinemas yet, go see it! Then you can be caught in the #blackmagic of the cast, costume, story-line and the fire soundtrack.

If you were worried Black Panther fever is fizzling out, not to fear – the content just keeps on coming.

The ‘nerd-sperts’ at content creating collective Nerdist.com have released a Black Panther parody of Jaden Smith’s viral video for Icon.

Check out the original:

Not only does the King of Wakanda (aka Young King) make an appearance, but he’s ticking all the ‘Icon’ boxes – distressed denim jacket, gold chains for days, and a flashy sportscar with even flashier dance moves.

If you thought they stopped at a simple re-enactment, Young King flips the script with some Black Panther-inspired lyrics: ‘I am a protector, you’re a menace/That’s why I have to fight like an Avenger,’ rhymes Young King. ‘Coming at the king I’ll put you on a stretcher/I am here and I’m still flexing.’

An unexpected summer bop that we’re all here for!

If you’re looking for more odes to Icon, Jaden’s own dad – and Uncle of Instagram – Will Smith, did his own parody to celebrate Icon reaching over 100 million streams online.

Peep Will Smith’s Icon parody here.

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