Here Are All the Ways 'Black Panther' is Breaking Records

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Black Panther was breaking the box office before it was even on circuit. Now in its opening weekend, Marvel’s Wakanda superhero flick is shattering box-office records.

Black Panther is finally here and it’s already making history. With its unapologetically melanin-poppin’ cast, director, costume-design and music, it’s a valuable lesson in why representation really matters.

The film features elements of Afro-futuristic fantasy, African folklore and magic (there’s an all-female elite warrior force based on REAL LIFE), and celebrations of diverse African cultures, from the natural hair to featuring South African stars.

‘Around the world, it’s raked in more than R2-billion in its opening alone’

According to Hollywoodreporter.com, Black Panther has one of the top opening weekends of all time. Around the world, it’s raked in $190-million (more than R2-billion) in its opening alone.

With leading man Chadwick Boseman appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone (can someone say swoon?!) just in time for its release, Black Panther is the pop culture revolution we’ve been waiting for.

ICYMI, here’s the Rolling Stones cover and, of course, Twitter had a lot to say:

NB: Fun Black Panther box-office facts:

  1. The film is the fifth-biggest domestic opening of all time
  2. It’s the best launch of any superhero film ever – followed closely by The Avengers
  3. It’s also the biggest opening for an African-American director
  4. It has a whopping 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes
  5. It’s the biggest movie released in February, taking the spot from superhero comedy Deadpool
  6. Representation matters – 37% of ticket buyers were black, the largest audience attending the film in its opening weekend


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