Black Coffee Is Tearing up His European Summer Tour

To say we’re envious would be a ridiculous understatement.

Black Coffee has officially kicked off his European summer tour, and to say we’re envious of his upcoming adventures would be a ridiculous understatement.

After blowing away the crowds at Coachella this year, it would seem there is no slowing down this exceptional talent. He’ll be performing in Croatia, Spain, Belgium, Rome and France.

Seems his fans love him so much that even when he’s performing in Rome, they’re throwing back to New York.

Black Coffee tweeted his support for the latest win for the South African music industry this week, as all SABC radio stations are now required to play 90% local music.

If you haven’t heard the set he played at Coachella yet, which he touchingly dedicated to Prince who had passed away the day before, close your eyes, put some feathers in your hair, roll around in dirt and pretend you’re at a festival.

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