Did Beyoncé Call Meghan Markle 'My Princess' While Hugging at The Lion King Premiere?


By now the entire WORLD knows that Beyoncé and Meghan Markle met for the first time ever at The Lion King premiere this weekend. What you might NOT know is that they had a full-on embrace, with Queen Bey even calling her ‘My Princess’. But don’t worry if you missed it, because plenty of gifs capturing this iconic moment have already made their way on to social media.

Nice To Meet You

Last night was the London premiere of The Lion King after what feels like a lifetime of waiting for it to hit screens. Plenty of celebs showed up for the event, including Beyoncé – who voices the character Nala – and the Duchess of Sussex. While these two may have a handful of mutual friends, they had not met in person until last night. And their first face-to-face encounter didn’t disappoint, because it came with plenty of smiles, a warm hug, and Beyoncé calling Meghan ‘my princess.’ Yes, you read that right. *cue excited squealing*

Just how Princess Diana was known as the People’s Princess, so might Meghan come to be known as the celebrities princess. Either way, this was one moment that will be remembered forever.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, we wait with bated breath for the first Knowles-Carter-Markle-Mountbatten-Windsor playdate.

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